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➥ Villains don’t get happy endings

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Friendly reminder of Emma’s outfit in the NYC bar from filming:



and the split second of Hook in what appears to be the NYC bar from the promo:


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Welcome to my first ever tumblr awards! Sorry for the bad graphic.

-mbf me

-reblog to enter

-no likes

-ends on the 26th, but I may not be able to post the results for a little bit

-must reach at least 30 notes or I’ll go cry

-one winner, one runner up per category


-Best Doctor Who

-Best Sherlock*

-Best Supernatural*

-Best Harry Potter*

-Best Marvel*

-Best Star Trek*

-Best LOTR*

-Best OUAT*

-Best Multifandom

-Nicest Blogger

-Best Url

-Best Theme

-Best Posts

-Overall Favorite

*only if 5 or more of these blogs enter


-A follow back

-My eternal love

-A spot in my updates tab for 2 weeks (only for winners)

-2 promos, on request, throughout the month of March (only for winners, runner-ups get 1)

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New OUAT Promo! Bring it!

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Radioactive- Imagine Dragons Pompeii- Bastille

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